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Welcome to the award winning baby gear of Babyinfosafe!  We carry all sorts of baby safety information, baby diaper bags, toddler safety harness, and so much more! Here you will find baby safety products that have been recommended by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and awards from Creative Child magazine & Baby and Children Product News.

You can be assured of your child safety in the home and on the go with our wide assortment of diaper bags, backpack diaper bags, baby carrier slings, child safety harness, and baby safety handbooks written by experts.

Here is a sample of the unique child safety items you will love to give or get:

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Baby Safety Book & a BagBaby Safety Book & a BagA perfect combination! An elegant, affordable wide tote that helps a busy mom to find keys, cell phone, wallet and her baby's essentials without emptying the bag. Plus a Safe Baby Organizer, a loose-leaf book, with expert advice on how to prevent injuries and handle an emergency, if one occurs.
Baby Safety Book & a BearBaby Safety Book & a BearMama Bear and her cub are "bearing" a gift of safety for you and your baby--a Safe Baby Organizer in a handy carrying case. Each Book & a Bear includes: 50-page loose-leaf book containing colorful tabs to divide sections including: Babysitters, Emergency, Babyproofing/Safety Tips, Car Safety and Fire. Expert advice in each section from doctors, nurses, EMTs and experienced parents to help you keep baby safe. Recommended by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.
Baby Safety Information StationBaby Safety Information StationInstantly find what you need -- emergency phone numbers, instructions and reminders - in one place! Designed to hang on the refrigerator or a wall close to the phone, the Information Station helps parents, grandparents and babysitters face any situation that comes up with greater confidence. When minutes count, avoid wasted time running through the house looking for what is needed written on little pieces of paper - and it is available in English or Spanish.
Safe Baby KitSafe Baby KitIntroducing a great way for new parents to leave information about the baby with a babysitter or a grandparent! The new parents fill in and organize the baby’s medical information, medications, pediatrician’s instructions, allergies, phone numbers – and other vital information. A beautiful caring gift, with safety information from pediatricians, nurses, firefighters – ideal for a baby shower gift or to keep for yourself.
Safe Baby OrganizerSafe Baby OrganizerOrganize and carry your baby's medical information, phone numbers and your personal notes. Expert advice from pediatricians, ER doctors, nurses, and professionals on how to prevent and handle an emergency anywhere your baby is.

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