Baby Safety Book & a Bag
Baby Safety Book & a Bag
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A perfect combination! An elegant, affordable wide tote that helps a busy mom
to find keys, cell phone, wallet and her baby's essentials without emptying the bag. Plus a Safe Baby Organizer, a loose-leaf book, with expert advice on how to prevent injuries and handle an emergency, if one occurs.

Available in marine blue or fire engine red, the information is in English or Spanish.
A beautifully made, wide tote (15"wide x 11"high x 6“ deep), in durable, wipe-able cloth, inside and outside.
The tote is in marine blue or fire engine red, with an extra large matching changing pad.
A Safe Baby Organizer – a 50-page loose-leaf book (4"x7") fits into an outside pocket, available in English or Spanish. Colored tabs divide sections.
Topics covered include CPR steps, what babysitters need to know, helping a choking baby.
A place for a new mom to organize her baby's medical information, pediatrician's Instructions and write in personal notes.
Recommended by the American Academy of Emergency Medicine.
Voted by judges one of the most outstanding safety products of the year.
The Book-and-a-Bag is created as a protest for the high cost of diaper bags!

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