The Safe2go Child Safety Harness is disguised as an animal backpack that is actually a child's safety harness.  The harness/backpack has adjustable, padded shoulder and waist straps for the comfort of the growing child.  The child harness is equipped with a retractable 38" tether which can hold children up to 50 pounds.  The tether retracts into the child's backpack when not in use.  There is room in the backpack for a small toy or snack.  The safety harness is designed for children from the time they start walking until 4 years of age.

Safe2Go Harnesses

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Black and White Tiger safe2go harnessBlack and White Tiger safe2go harness
Bunny safe2go harnessBunny safe2go harness
Dinosaur safe2go harnessDinosaur safe2go harness
Elephant safe2go harnessElephant safe2go harness
Flower safe2go harnessFlower safe2go harness
Frog safe2go harnessFrog safe2go harness
Ladybug safe2go HarnessLadybug safe2go Harness
Monkey safe2go harnessMonkey safe2go harness
Panda safe2go harnessPanda safe2go harness
Puppy safe2go harnessPuppy safe2go harness
Teddy safe2go harnessTeddy safe2go harness
Turtle safe2go harnessTurtle safe2go harness

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