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Wear a baby.  Keep your baby close by carrying your little one in a baby sling.  The warmth of your body and the beat of your heart is calming to the child.  The light weight and flexibility of a cloth baby carrier sling make it easy to take anywhere.  The instruction sheet shows ways to wear the baby wrap as a baby hip carrier or a baby front carrier.  The baby carrier may be worn by either Mom or Dad.

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Pouch SlingPouch SlingThis lightweight baby sling has no rings. It weighs just a few onces and fits into any diaper bag or purse. It comes in one sided or reversable design. There is no padding in this pouch sling. It is approximately 80" long and 30" wide.
Ring SlingRing SlingOur slings are approximately 80" long. The width of the ring sling is 30". We have found this to be ideal for infants as well as toddlers. The ring sling does not have any paddingin the shoulder or along the sides. The tail is useful for covering the baby while sleeping, while nursing, and to keep out of bright sunlight. The rings used in the Ring Sling are manufactured and supplied specifically for this purpose. They have been "break tested" to hold a weight of 700 lbs. You will receive an instruction sheet for the proper threading of the ring and several ways to wear the sling for various sized children.

Sizing for Pouch Sling:  

To determine your size, using a soft measuring tape measure from the outer edge of your shoulder to the TOP of your opposite hipbone. This is the most important sizing information for your pouch sling. If you are currently pregnant, measure across your back. The number (in inches) should be in the 20s.

  • XS-Small 27"
  • Small 27-28"
  • Medium 29-30"
  • Large 31-32"
  • X-Large 33"

Sizing for Ring Sling:

5'0 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240 260
5'2 S S M M M M L L XL
5'4 S S M M M M L L XL
5'6 S M M M M M L L XL
5'8 M M M M M M L L XL
6'0 M M M M M M L L XL
6'2 M M M M L L L L XL
6'4 M M M M L L L L XL



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